Weepy-Voiced Killer (2005)

Original Title: Weepy-Voiced Killer
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Crime, Drama
Release Date: 15 Mar 2005
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Melissa Goggans, Christopher LeCours, John Archer Lundgren  »


A mentally unbalanced man, Paul Michael Stephani, attacks and kills a series of young women in the Minneapolis area between 1980 and 1982. After each attack, he has fits of anguish, remembering his childhood church attendance. He confesses "his sins", anonymously to a priest, as well as, making wild "weepy-voiced" phone calls to the police, incoherently advising them of the crimes committed. Ironically, the numerous calls to the police did not help them catch Stephani, who was apprehended because one of his victims fought back and survived, and Stephani was nabbed when he sought medical help for his own injuries. 20 years after his incarceration on another murder conviction, he formally confessed to the first killings. Written by Anonymous

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    C.P. International

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