The Littlest Horse Thief (1958)

Original Title: The Littlest Horse Thief
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Family, Western
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Release Date: 04 Oct 1958
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond, William Fawcett  »


In this episode, Pee Wee (Jimmy Baird) leaves the Broken Wheel Ranch to move upstate to live with his dad. The guys meet little Packy Lambert. He wants to buy a horse and he has a whole two dollars to pay for it. But Packy's dad says they can't afford a horse. So Packy brings him back to the corral at the Broken Wheel Ranch. The horse, Lucky, follows Packy who's running away from home. The guy's go out to search for Packy. Written by Troy Turner

Details (General)

  • Company

    Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

  • Details (Technical)

  • Aspect Ratio

    1.33 : 1

  • Color

    Black and White

  • Sound Mix