The Race (1981)

Original Title: The Race
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 10 Jan 1981
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Fernando Lamas
Linda Elstad, Will Manus, Will Manus
Bibi Besch, Jordan Christopher, Robert Hogan  »


John's estranged father, who hasn't seen his wife and son for years, returns to compete against John in an auto race. John's father, Mike has won all the races on the circuit and just needs to win this one and he will get a big promotional deal. The only hitch is that John is the only one that can beat him. Julie Hammond a light skinned black woman with a past comes home. Julie stops in Lucy's diner to see Lucy. Lucy is not pleased to see Julie. Julie has her eye on Micki and soon finds out that like Julie has an interest in ballet. Things at the Wheeler home are till icy between Dorothy and Holly. Holly lets Dorothy know that while visiting Martin in the hospital he uttered her name, Holly. Cal continues to tutor Ann and Guy makes an insinuation that Cal has changed his name and it is different than the name he used in Oregon where he used to live. Mike visits with Nancy and Nancy is thrilled to spend time with her estranged husband and lays off the booze. John is disgusted when he sees that Mike has spent the night with Nancy. Mike tells Nancy about the promotional deal he will get if he wins the race. Mike lets Nancy know that the only person that can beat Mike is John. Nancy takes the bait and asks John not to race and that if Mike can win things will be different for the three of them. Julie visits Serena's dance studio and watches Micki perform and is quite happy. Later on Lucy and Julie are talking at the diner and Julie tells Lucy that MIcki has inherited her love for dance from her. John goes to Mike and says he will not be in the big race, but wants to race him now. John easily beats Mike. The next day Mike wins the race and when John heads home he and Nancy realize that Mike has split again. Nancy hits the bottle. Julie visits Serena and decides to partner with Serena with her dance studio. Serena asks if she is sure Julie wants to leave San Francisco and move to small town, Midland Heights and Julie responds, oh yes. Written by Sudsluva

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    Lorimar Productions

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    1.33 : 1

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