The Birthday Party (1981)

Original Title: The Birthday Party
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 17 Jan 1981
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Jeff Bleckner
Elizabeth Clark
Jordan Christopher, Robert Hogan, Bibi Besch  »


Margaret Millington has her daughter Helen Millington Dulles released from the mental hospital so that Helen can come home for her birthday. Guy is not happy about Helen coming home and even more unhappy when he sees that once Helen arrives she looks and appears to have taken a much better turn for the better. Margaret and Nathan go to look at some property for the new Arts center. Margaret tells Nathan about Helen's history and wants to make sure that Nathan and his boys will be coming to the party. Margaret also tells Nathan that Dorothy and Holly will be there as well. Dorothy goes to see Dr. Sims about Martin's progress. Dr. Sims tells Dorothy that he would like to see Martin go to a rehab center prior to coming home. Dorothy tells Dr. Sims that she would prefer Martin come home where Dorothy and Holly can care for him. Guy talks with Helen's nurse Karen whom cam with Helen and Karen assures Guy that Helen has made great progress. Helen and Ann get to know each other better and go horseback riding. Ann is thrilled at the progress Helen has made. Trouble starts when Helen goes to her room and decides to change her clothes. Helen puts on a robe and inside the pocket is a cigarette case that frightens Helen calls for Etta and Etta comes in the room and finds nothing. The cigarette case mysteriously disappears. Holly arrives home and when Dorothy tells her about Dr. Sims suggestion about Martin they get in an argument and Dorothy ends up slapping Holly. Helen begins to have flashbacks and is not sure what they mean. In the middle of the night Helen wakes up and hears some music. Helen goes downstairs and finds a music box on the piano and is so disturbed by it drops it and runs from the room. Helen runs into Guy and Helen tells him about the music box. They go in the living room and Guy tells Helen that there is no music box. The next day Holly goes to visit her dad at the hospital and Dr. Sims stops by and tells Holly that Dorothy is apposed to Martin going first to a rehab clinic. The news wakes Holly up and she realizes that she has treated her mother horribly. Helen is getting ready for the party when Etta brings Helen a delivery. Etta gives the delivery to Helen and leaves her room. Helen is shocked to find a corsage with a little pacifier in the center. Helen runs to Ann and tells her about the corsage. Ann and Helen go to Helen's bedroom and Ann thinks the corsage is beautiful. Noticably missing is the tiny pacifier in the center of the corsage. The guests all arrive for the party. Helen is on pins and needles the whole time. Guy brings in the birthday cake with a big knife and the tiny pacifier in his other hand. Helen gets hysterical and shocks everyone with her screaming. Karen takes Helen to her room. Later on, Ann goes to Helen's room and is shocked to find Helen on the floor in hysterics. The next day Karen wheels Helen to the car as Guy watches from a window. Guy has a flashback to when he got a frantic phone call from Helen years ago. Margaret had been sending Helen and her husband Stephen Dulles money for the newborn. Stephen wanted to take the money to settle a gambling debt. Helen and Stephen get into a fight and Stephen threatens baby Ann. Helen grabs the baby and pushes Stephen. Stephen trips and hits a dresser with his head. Falling off the dresser is a music box and cigarette case. Helen calls Guy. Guy arrives and finds baby Ann with a pacifier in her mouth. Guy realizes that Stephen is dead and comforts a hysterical Helen. Guy later buries Stephen and takes with him a music box, cigarette case and pacifier. After Helen and Karen leave a hand opens a trunk in the attic and in goes a music box, cigarette case and pacifier. The trunk is closed and Guy wipes his hands with a big smile on his face. Guy says to himself, "don't worry Helen I will take care of your portion of the inheritance. Written by Sudsluva

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    Lorimar Productions

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    1.33 : 1

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