Letting Go (1981)

Original Title: Letting Go
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 03 Jan 1981
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Rick Rosenthal
Margaret J. Schibi
Bibi Besch, Jordan Christopher, Robert Hogan  »


The carnival comes to town. Danny is excited and Nathan is preoccupied after what has happened with Dorothy. Ann goes shopping at the boutique that Lisa works in and ends up stealing from the shop. The saleslady believes she has seen the theft. Holly asks Teddy about his mother and how she died. Cal continues to tutor Ann at he home which pleases Margaret. After tutoring Cal stops in Lucy's diner and visits with Lucy and Eric and offers to take Eric to the carnival which pleases Eric and Lucy. After Cal leaves, Guy shows up at Lucy's and is not happy that Cal is taking Eric to the carnival since he takes Eric every year. Teddy, Holly and Danny go to the carnival and see Burt and Mikki. Lisa is strolling the carnival with Mark which angers Burt. Danny meets a fortune teller who decides to plan a con with Danny and tells him that she can have him meet up with his mother if he brings along some items of hers. At dinner, Margaret suggests to Guy that he take Ann to the carnival. Guy says that he usually takes Eric Dexter. Margaret says that he spends an awful lot of time with Eric, considering Guy is not fond of children. Guy relents and says he will take Ann to the carnival. Danny gets some things of his mothers and takes Teddy's car to the carnival and almost runs over Teddy. Teddy tells Nathan what has happened and they both head for the carnival. Guy takes Ann to the carnival and sees John with a girl getting on the Ferris wheel. In anger Ann goes to one of the games while Guy goes to get ride tickets and steals a prize. The carny grabs Ann and causes an uproar. The police arrive at the carnival with Margaret in tow and Guy pays the carny off. The cop tells the carny he should not have called the police. Nathan and Teddy arrive at the tent while Danny is getting a reading. Mme. Zeena gives Danny back the money and belongings and they head home. Danny confides in Nathan that he was the only one not at the hospital when his mother died and he feels left out. The cop arrives back at the carnival and tells the carny that Margaret is shutting it down. Margaret tells Ann that she is counting on Ann to carry on the family name since Helen is in a mental institution and Guy is so very weak.. Written by Sudsluva

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    Lorimar Productions

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    1.33 : 1

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