Episode #1.3 (1962)

Original Title: Episode #1.3
Type: TV Episode
Genre: n/A
Release Date: 14 Aug 1962
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Lúcia Lambertini, Wilma Camargo  »


Ana and Aurora receive two callers. The Avon lady tells the two spinsters that it's never too late for love, and Aurora buys "the lipstick that Elizabeth Taylor used to conquer Richard Burton" and an eyeliner. After the saleswoman leaves, a young man from the Census Bureau arrives, and after Ana has spoken to him alone for a few minutes, Aurora appears in lipstick and eyeliner. One of his first questions is her age, though, and she sputters and mutters in response. This episode presents us with two mysteries. When alone in the living room, each sister removes a small package from the buffet. And Ana twice excuses herself to "take her medicine". Written by Richard Pedicini

Details (General)

  • AKA (Also Known As)

    Épisode #1.3 (France, French title)
    Folge #1.3 (Germany, German title)
    Episodio #1.3 (Spain, Spanish title)
    Episódio #1.3 (Portugal, Portuguese title)
    エピソード #1.3 (Japan, Japanese title)