Post No Bills (1896)

Post No Bills Poster
Original Title: Défense d'afficher
Type: Short
Genre: Short
Runtime: 1 Minute
Release Date: 1896 (France)
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Georges Méliès


Two bill posters argue as an incompetent guard patrols the area.


Listed as number 15 in the Star Films catalogue, "Post No Bills" is one of Georges Méliès' earliest works which was presumed lost. Minimalistic and devoid of the usual special effects which made famous the French illusionist and pioneering filmmaker, this is, indeed, a rather simple story; however, what it lacks in innovation it makes up for humour and irony. Exactly 125km outside of the bustling city of Paris, a not-so-vigilant sentry is assigned the relatively easy task of guarding a blank white wall where postering is strictly forbidden. But, when the guard marches past the partition, an audacious bill poster plasters the surface with an advertisement--and moments later--another bold worker pastes up yet another poster. Before long, a great advertisement war breaks out behind the sentry's back. Is the officer of the law inept or is he, plainly, apathetic? Written by Nick Riganas

Details (General)

  • AKA (Also Known As)

    Post No Bills (United States)
    Defense Show (United States)
    Защита (Russia)
    Απαγορεύεται η Αφισοκόλληση (Greece)

  • Company

    Théâtre Robert-Houdin

  • Country


  • Certification

    United States:Not Rated

  • Details (Technical)

  • Color

    Black and White

  • Sound Mix