The Invisible Man (1993)

The Invisible Man Poster
Original Title: The Invisible Man
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 19 Jul 1995
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Kevin Dobson
David Jacobs, Rocci Chatfield
William Devane, Kevin Dobson, Stacy Galina  »


Despite their best efforts, Karen and Gary are not allowed to speak with Mack while he's being booked for the murder of Mary. They retain Attorney William Reed to represent Mack. Paige and Kate try futilely to calm Meg, who's nervous that her parents aren't home. After Meg goes to sleep, Gary and Karen return to the house with no news about Mack. Kate and Gary share a tender moment. The following day, Karen and Paige go to the jail where they learn Mack fired his attorney, Reed, the night before. Reed tells Karen that Mack gave explicit orders that he doesn't want to see her. She's shocked. The women go to municipal court for Mack's bail hearing. They learn that bail is already set at one million dollars and that Mack is back in jail. Paige asks former boyfriend, Tom, for help, but he suggests Mack plead to manslaughter. Paige gets angry. Later, Detective Pete Reynolds tells Tom that he helped Mack give money to Mary. He tells Tom the money was marked and Mack is innocent. Greg has difficulties getting his urban renewal projects to run on schedule due to lack of cooperation from the deputy mayor. He meets with the task force committee and hears everyone's frustrations. Paige learns that Claudia provided the funds for Nick's new restaurant. Paige questions Mort about a million dollars The Sumner Group gave to an unknown foundation called the Pacific Preservation Society. He explains that Claudia said not to worry about it. Paige concludes that half of that money went to Mack and the other half to Claudia for Nick's restaurant. Nick visits Vanessa at the TV station where she just lost her job. She's packing to leave for Australia. He tears up her ticket and tells her she should stay in town and work at his restaurant. She's scared of him. Meg comes back from school, crying about the name calling she experienced because her father's in jail. This is one more bit of anguish that overwhelms Karen. Later, Karen asks Sumner for a million dollars for Mack's bail money. He effortlessly agrees. At The Sumner Group that night, Paige tries to break into Claudia's desk. She finds Sumner lying on Claudia's couch in the dark. He too knows where the million dollars went. He tells Paige to stay away from Tom. Later, Tom visits Paige with news about the marked bills. Then he tries to kiss her. She slaps him and slams the door. Written by GusF

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    The Invisible Man (United States)

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    United States

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    Los Angeles City Hall - 200 North Spring Street
    Los Angeles

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