Slow Burn (1986)

Slow Burn Poster
Original Title: Slow Burn
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 27 Mar 1991
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
David Jacobs
David Jacobs, Joel J. Feigenbaum
William Devane, Kevin Dobson, Julie Harris  »


News of Gary and Jill's affair hits the papers. Abby's furious, and has a little talk with Peter. At a debate, Peter makes it clear that Gary's personal life is not an issue. Gary and Jill resume their affair. Greg has Phil's license plate traced to an address in Dillon, CA, and drives there. Jean keeps trying to call Ben, and he keeps hanging up on her. Karen escapes the burning house. Phil sees her on the road and tries to run her down. She escapes into the woods and eventually comes across a vacant house. She breaks in, but Phil finds her. She throws a bucket of ammonia in his face and runs out back to the barn. He is breaking down the barn door when Greg shows up and stops him. Greg says he'll let him go for old times sake, as long as he goes back east and never gets involved in their lives again. Karen is confused when she hears two cars leave. Police tell Mack that they received a tip about where Karen is. Mack and Karen run into each other's arms, and he brings her home. Written by GusF

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  • AKA (Also Known As)

    Slow Burn (United States)

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    United States

  • Location

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd.
    Culver City

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    1.33 : 1

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