Prince Charming (1989)

Prince Charming Poster
Original Title: Prince Charming
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 10 Feb 1993
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Joseph L. Scanlan
David Jacobs, Lynn Marie Latham
Tonya Crowe, William Devane, Kevin Dobson  »


Val tells Danny "no", but she cannot deny to Karen later that she is considering his offer. Paige pays to get the film negatives developed. Greg offers to re-hire her, but she rebuffs his offer and his attempt to romance her. Karen is surprised to learn that Mack and Paula shared a hotel room. She later invites Paula to a barbecue for Eric and Linda. Ted has a proposition for Greg: he won't release the Murakame papers, proving Abby defrauded her Lotus Point partners (and possibly incriminate Greg in her dealings) if Greg will get him the negatives Rick Hawkins had in his box. Eric and Linda return. Olivia and Harold haggle over their budget. Paige sees the photos of Ted engineering Nagata's car crash, and later apologizes to Greg, telling him she took the evidence to the police. Danny is surprised to learn the twins' teacher is named Amanda, and he avoids meeting her. The twins do not want to attend the barbecue with Danny. Gary places a large ad in the newspaper looking for "Sally's friend." Paige attends the barbecue and fights with Mack again once he learns she's agreed to return to Sumner Group. Karen is surprised when Michael tells her that Paula is in love with a married man. Karen agrees to let Linda stay with the Mackenzies for about two months while Eric is in Saudia Arabia for a job. Karen asks Mack what happened in the hotel room. He admits that nothing happened but that he was attracted to Paula. Paige is shocked when she learns Greg stole the pictures and traded them to Ted for the Murakame papers. Ted leaves for Japan. Danny shows up to Amanda's and kisses her. Written by GusF

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    Prince Charming (United States)

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    United States

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    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd.
    Culver City

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    1.33 : 1

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