Just Like Old Times: Part 2 (1993)

Just Like Old Times: Part 2 Poster
Original Title: Just Like Old Times: Part 2
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 02 Aug 1995
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Jerome Courtland
David Jacobs, Ann Marcus
William Devane, Kevin Dobson, Stacy Galina  »


Treadwell is going to shoot Nick, so Vanessa shoots Treadwell. Tom record it as in self-defense, so no charges are filed. With Treadwell out of the way, Val is free, and she and the twins have a tearful reunion. Gary tells her about Kate, but says he never loved anyone the way he loved her. Kate's upset and decides to go away. Karen and Mack yell at each other, and suddenly realize that things are back to "normal" and start to laugh and cry and kiss. Abby tells Greg that she is Treadwell's partner, and is taking over Sumner Group, because she has information to blackmail him. Greg has bought information from Nick and Anne that documents her and Treadwell's illegal dealings, so she can't blackmail him. With the money they made from Greg, Nick and Anne decide to live in Monaco together. At the airport they run into Claudia, who is also moving to Monaco. Greg finds that Paige has taken over his office, and she reminds him she owns 2/3 of the company, but he can have her old office. He says that if they work together, they'll need to spend nights, weekends, even vacations together. She dips him backwards and kisses him. The MacKenzies and Ewings are having a barbecue to celebrate Val's return. Abby drives up and says she heard Claudia's house was on the market, and walks into her old house. Mack shakes his head, and the rest stand there flabbergasted. Written by GusF

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    Just Like Old Times: Part 2 (United States)

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    United States

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    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd.
    Culver City

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    1.33 : 1

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