Close Call (1989)

Close Call Poster
Original Title: Close Call
Type: TV Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 11 Feb 1993
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Lawrence Kasha
David Jacobs, James Stanley
Tonya Crowe, William Devane, Kevin Dobson  »


Danny drops off Amanda at school, where Val is dropping off the twins. He pretends that he came there to see Val. Gary hires Frank to help him find "Sally's friend." The twins tells Gary that they want to live with him because Val doesn't love them anymore. Paige requests Abby's old office, a $120,000 salary, an expense account, a company car, her own parking space, secretary, with six months guaranteed severance pay. Greg questions Paige about what people will think if he honors her requests, and she says she doesn't care what people think. Michael accepts $100,000 from Greg for his rights to the Super Lock program and quits college to work for Sumner, to Mack and Karen's disapproval. Gary and Val disagree about how to handle the twins' dislike of Danny. Val tells Danny that Gary is the twins' father. Karen asks Paula why she didn't tell her that she was in love with Mack. Paula admits to her crush, but says she never acted on it because of her friendship with Karen. Gary goes with Pat to hear Frank play guitar and sing at a club. Amanda is also singing there. Gary spies Amanda and Danny there together, kissing. As she's leaving, Gary hears Amanda call her dog Chester and realizes she is "Sally's friend." Written by GusF

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    Close Call (United States)

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    United States

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    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd.
    Culver City

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    1.33 : 1

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