The Big Game (1958)

Original Title: The Big Game
Type: TV Series
Genre: Family, Game-Show
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Release Date: n/A
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Tom Kennedy  


The first of many game shows hosted by popular emcee Tom Kennedy, contestants answered general knowledge questions and played a game similar to "Battleships."


The popular Milton-Bradley game "Battleships" was the basis for this general-knowledge quiz show, in which two contestants one a champion competed. The two contestants (called "hunters") were each given three plastic animals (a rhinoceros, a lion and an alligator) which they secretly placed in their "jungle," or game board, that was hidden from their opponent's view. Host Kennedy then asked the contestants general-knowledge questions. Correct answers allowed the players to "shoot" at their opponent's hidden game board, hoping their opponent had placed their animals there. The first player to "shoot" all three animals won $2,000 and the right to compete against a new challenger. Written by Brian Rathjen

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    The Big Game (United States)

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    United States

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