She Devil (1957)

She Devil Poster
Original Title: She Devil
Type: Movie
Genre: Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Runtime: 77 Minutes    (1 Hours : 17 Minutes)
Release Date: Apr 1957 (USA)
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Kurt Neumann
Carroll Young, Kurt Neumann, Stanley G. Weinbaum
Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker  »


Doctors Scott and Bach inject the dying Kyra Zelas with a formula which saves her life - but also renders her almost immortal and wickedly evil.


Doctor Dan Scott (Jack Kelly) invents a serum that cures illness and Kyra Zlus (Mari Blanchard), dying of tuberculosis, agrees to be a guinea pig. She becomes well and strong, but develops strange characteristics and a scheming personality. She kills Evelyn Kendall (Fay Baker) in order to marry her wealthy husband, Barton Kendall (John Archer) and later kills him to inherit his wealth. Dr. Scott and his associate, Dr. Richard Bach (Albert Dekker) decide that something drastic must be done and they trick her into having an operation. Written by Les Adams


GORGEOUS DEMON! They created an inhuman being who destroyed everything she touched! The woman they couldn't kill!

Details (General)

  • AKA (Also Known As)

    La diabla (Spain)
    Mulher Diabólica (Brazil)
    I gynaika pou kyvernouse ton thanato (Greece)
    La diabla (Panama)

  • Company

    Regal Films

  • Country

    United States

  • Certification

    United Kingdom:A
    United States:Passed (National Board of Review)
    United States:Approved

  • Details (Technical)

  • Aspect Ratio

    2.35 : 1

  • Color

    Black and White

  • Sound Mix

    Mono (Westrex Recording System)