A Turn of the Century Illusionist (1899)

Original Title: L'impressionniste fin de siècle
Type: Short
Genre: Short, Fantasy
Runtime: 1 Minute
Release Date: n/A
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
Georges Méliès
Georges Méliès  


A magician and his assistant perform numerous magic acts.


A magician holds a mannequin, dressed in female clothing, on a tabletop. As he taps it lightly, the dummy transforms into a ballet dancer who in turn does a brief dance for the audience. The magician, standing an enormous tube on the table, now covers his assistant with a cloth. As he whisks it away, she has vanished, only to come out from under the tube on the table. She blows kisses to the audience; the magician shreds her into confetti. Covering himself with the cloth, he vanishes and comes out from under the tube once again, before jumping off the table again and transforming into the dancer in mid-air. This is repeated, the dancer being transformed back into the magician, after which he turns a somersault and vanishes into space. Coming in through the stage door, he sits on the table and explodes in a puff of smoke. Written by Tornado_Sam

Details (General)

  • AKA (Also Known As)

    L'Impressionniste fin de siècle (France)
    L'Illusionniste fin de siècle (United States)
    A Turn of the Century Illusionist (United States)
    An Up-to-Date Conjuror (United States)
    The Conjurer (United States)

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  • Certification

    Norway:A (recommended rating)

  • Details (Technical)

  • Color

    Black and White

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