Major Chandrakant (1966)

Major Chandrakant Poster
Original Title: Major Chandrakant
Type: Movie
Genre: Drama, Family
Runtime: 163 Minutes    (2 Hours : 43 Minutes)
Release Date: n/A
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
K. Balachander
K. Balachander
Jayalalitha J, R. Muthuraman, Nagesh  »


A man is on the run from the law for committing a murder. He is solaced by retired army major who is unaware that the fugitive has killed his own son.


Mohan (Nagesh) is a tailor who lives with his younger sister Vimala (Jayalalitha). Orphaned at a very young age, Mohan goes through a life of hardship and fulfill all his sister's wish. Womanizer Rajnikanth (AVM Rajan) lures Vimala and cheats on her. Unable to face her brother, she commits suicide. Mohan confronts Rajnikanth and in a fit of rage kills him. A wild search is on by the cops and the fugitive hides in 'Major' Chandrakanth (Sundarrajan) house. Mohan is amused and fascinated by Chandrakanth virtues and how he manages to live though he is blind. Mohan reveals why is on the run from law and ironically the deceased happens to be Chandrakanth's youngest son. Chandrakanth feels humiliated for nurturing Rajnikanth and is sorry for Mohan's plight. In the end Inspector Srikanth (Muthuraman), eldest son of Chandrakanth arrests Mohan along with his father for his hospitality to a criminal. Written by Srinath S

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  • AKA (Also Known As)

    Major Chandrakant (India)

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    AP International

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    Black and White