Ethiroli (1970)

Ethiroli Poster
Original Title: Ethiroli
Type: Movie
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 166 Minutes    (2 Hours : 46 Minutes)
Release Date: 27 Jun 1970 (India)
Is Adult: No
Rated: n/A
K. Balachander
K.V.R. Acharya, K. Balachander
Shivaji Ganesan, K.R. Vijaya, S.S. Rajendran  »


Sivaji Ganesan, a famous criminal lawyer will go to any extent to save the innocents. One day his life turns drastic after being robbed of a huge amount.


Sivaji Ganesan is a famous criminal lawyer. He follows certain good principles in his life and doesn't take any fee from his clients whom are poor. One day he is robbed of a huge amount in a bank which he owes to someone. Unable to repay it immediately, he steals the money from an affluent person in a train journey. This is witnessed by a taxi driver and Sivaji Ganesan is often blackmailed by him for ransoms. The lawyer goes against all his principles as days go by and comes under heavy suspicion after the taxi driver is killed. Sivaji Ganesan sets out to prove his innocence. Written by Srinath S

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    Navarathna Films

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    Black and White