About flixblade

flixblade is an Internet Movie Database which is expected to have the collection of Information for all Movies, TV Shows, TV Series etc. from round the globe. The Project is started with a mission to provide Internet users round the globe with correct and most Authentic Information related to Movies and TV Shows.

But as for now the database at flixblade only holds a bit of that information but is constantly expanding its database. You can check the current database properties here.

The Project is being Developed by Amish Dotcom who also owns Internet Group Cybertronics. Cybertronics is determined to create web for the Next Generation.

flixblade provides its users an easy access to its Database through Search Engines, SERP's and its integrated Search Technology. flixblade provides information about any Movie, TV Show, etc. including facilities such as Release Dates, Directors, Writers and Starcast.

flixblade also provides its users with a Form to let it know if any information is untrue on its platform, upon the successful submission of form the information is looked around and is Investigated until it is found to be correct.

flixblade is currently in its very early stage and is currently looking for a positive support to help it let grow, if you want to help by any of the way then please visit the Contact Page.